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Bipasha always takes time out for her loved ones


Be it a hectic day or a maddening week, Bipasha always takes time out for her loved ones

If you only manage to get the date diary from last week, you will probably be reeling. There is so much Bipasha Basu packed into her one short day that it is impossible to think about anything other than breathing that the actress will have time for. Yet, she is someone who has always maintained that for her family is first.

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With a fabulous business acumen, a body to die for, Bipasha Basu always finds herself inundated with work and more, and yet for the actress there is nothing more important than her marriage, her family and her loved ones. “My priorities in life are human relationships, whether it is Karan (Singh Grover) my family or my friends. Tomorrow if I decide to give up working, these are the people who would be there by my side. Matching my steps and my decisions, having said that, I will also say this, for me work is something you do not take for granted.

I would never for the heck of it, not go for work. I would never cancel on even a meeting just because I can or I am not in the mood for it. It is not the kind of upbringing I am brought up around. I know it is my work that has got me where I am, and I respect that. But if any of my family member is ill, and needs me, I would try to be there for them. It is the way I prioritise,” she said.

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She might be the hottest girl on the block, but her hearts with her loved ones and  her mind is at work… there is clearly no room for anything more at the moment.- Cineblitz