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Bigg Boss season 12: Meet 12 colourful contestants who made the show controversial


Bigg Boss is all set for the 12th season that will premiere on Sunday, September 16. Salman Khan will return as the host for the seventh time and bring with him an interesting group of people who will be ready to lock horns with each other.

In the past this show has seen some really colourful characters. From Swami Om to Kamal Rashid Khan here we list some of the most controversial people who appeared in the last 11 seasons of the show.

Imam Siddique


From using abusive language to stripping naked on television, Imam Siddiqui did it all so that he could remain the biggest controversy creator on the sixth season of Bigg Boss. He claimed that he is the reason behind Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta’s stardom and he also claimed to have lent money to Salman and that he never paid him back.



Kamaal R Khan had a foul mouth, weird attitude and abusive behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house. But he was known when he had an infamous fight with co-contestant Rohit Verma when he threw glass bottle at him but it hit Shamita Shetty instead and because of that KRK was thrown out of the house.

Dolly Bindra


She is the person who made catchphrase “baap pe mat jaana” famous in the Bigg Boss house. Dolly was Known for her aggressive attitude, she was pure entertainment for the viewers, she fought Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari over an egg. Later, Dolly got into a physical with TV actor Shweta Tiwari.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan was loved as a contestant in Bigg Boss season 7 he even succeeded to reach the finals of that season and because of his Mumbaia attitude, and entertainment Ajaz was called back to the Bigg Boss house as the challenger for the newly launched ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol.’ but this time we saw a bad side of Ajaz as he was evicted from the house for using violence while dealing with fellow contestant Ali Quli Mirza.

Zubair Khan


The controversial show Bigg Boss 11 surely lived up to its expectations as the fight between contestant Zubair Khan and host Salman Khan made huge headlines. Zubair, who was voted out in the first Bigg Boss 11 elimination, slammed host Salman by challenging the actor to meet him without a bodyguard.

Arshi Khan

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Before Arshi Khan made her way to the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11, she was a social media sensation. Her videos and pictures took internet by storm in the past. And her behaviour with fellow contestants inside Bigg Boss house, showed her background. In fact even housemates did not liked the way she used to talk and the way she used to move in the house. The show’s host Salman Khan has also warned her to stay in limit in terms of her language usage inside the house.

Swami Om

Swami Om was arguably the most controversial figure in the entire history of Bigg Boss. The contestant of Bigg Boss season 10 not only got into a verbal fight, they sometimes also had physical brawls. He literally clashed with everyone in the house but mainly Bani, Monalisa, Manu, Manveer, Priyanka. In one occasion during a task he choked Rohan, who responded by slapping him. And no viewer can forget the day when he threw his urine on Bani during a task, after that tragic event Bigg Boss eliminated him outside the house

Armaan Kohli

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Armaan Kohli captured everyone’s attention during his participation in Bigg Boss. From his love affair with Tanishaa to his fights, he continued to make news. Armaan fought with almost everyone during his stay. Be it Kushal Tandon or Ajaz Khan, he often got embroiled in controversies because of his fights. He even came close to a brawl with Ajaz and Kushal.

Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood’s favourite controversy maker Rakhi Sawant was the part of the first season of Bigg Boss. Rakhi had one huge clash with Kashmera Shah where she talked about Karishma’s personal life on camera. Rakhi Sawant later appeared again on Bigg Boss when Salman Khan began hosting it.

Raja Chaudhary

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The ex-husband of popular TV actress Shweta Tiwari, Raja Chaudhary has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. He has been arrested for creating problems outside Shweta’s house, slapping girlfriend Shraddha Sharma, and he the biggest troublemaker from Bigg Boss season 2 he also jumped over the Bigg Boss house walls in Lonavala to grab some dinner with other 3 contestants

Sofia Hayat

Actress, singer and model Sofia Hayat had many fights in the Bigg Boss house in Season 7. When she came out of the house, she filed a police complaint against co-contestant Armaan Kohli. Sofia’s controversies did not end there. She grabbed headlines by sharing her semi-nude photos on social media. Not just that, she had also become a nun, but later got married

Akashdeep Saigal (Sky)

He was among the few Bigg Boss contestant who fought with host Salman Khan, he walked away when Salman was talking to him.  Akash was known for his high temper on the show. Later when the show got over Sky also accused Salman for ruining his career.