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Bigg Boss 12 unseen: Deepak Thakur’s singing makes Dipika Kakar all emotional; here’s the reason why


Bihari boy Deepak Thakur is already a fan favourite in Bigg Boss house, because he entertains others by singing and speaks his mind with confidence without fearing about the outcome. He was also the winner in BB press conference.

In a recently released unseen clip of Bigg Boss 12, Deepak can be seen singing an old song, “Sandese Aate Hain,” while Dipika is cleaning and Neha is cooking. At first Dipika enjoys the song which Deepak is singing, but she soon asks him to stop.

Deepak goes to Dipika still singing the song and suddenly notices tears in Dipika’s eyes, and he asks if she’s crying. Dipika says the song reminds her of someone while she tries to control the tears falling from her eyes. Somi and Neha rush to Dipika and comfort her, later Deepak starts singing cheerful songs like Laila Main Laila and Dum Maaro Dum, which makes them giggle.

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