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Bigg Boss 12: These Bigg Boss contestants cheated on their lovers in the mad house


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Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss season 12 is soon to go on air. After getting popularity in Hindi, the show has also aired in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi version. Bigg Boss is the show where viewers can see their favourite yet controversial celebrities living their life the way they are.

In the past eleven seasons of Bigg Boss, we have seen a lot of fights, emotions, romance, jealousy and other stuff as well. But one factor you may have missed out on is cheating in the house. Yes, Bigg Boss house has also witnessed celebrity contestants cheating with their loved ones for the sake of the game. After all, Bigg Boss is all about showing PDA on-screen and getting footage and popularity.

So, as a build-up to Bigg Boss 12’s grand premiere, let’s take a look at those contestants from the past season who cheated with their loved ones for the sake of the game.

Rahul Mahajan – Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss 2 was indeed a most controversial season of Bigg Boss. After all, contestants like Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi, Payal Rohatgi, Raja Chaudhary and others were eligible to create a mess in the house. Amid all of them, Rahul Mahajan was the one who made sure to live in the house till the end by taking the support of fellow contestants like Payal Rohatgi and Monica Bedi. In the house, Rahul was first close to Payal Rohatgi and their steamy romance gained much buzz among audiences. However, after Payal’s eviction, Rahul Mahajan got cozy with Monica Bedi. Reports were also stating that they will continue their relationship but after the show, they parted ways.

Ashmit Patel – Bigg Boss 4

After the MMS controversy with actress Riya Sen, Ashmit Patel entered Bigg Boss 4 house. Initially, Ashmit got close to TV actress Sara Khan in the house. However, after her eviction, he began his steamy affair with Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Ashmit and Veena were so close in the house that they used to sleep together in one blanket only. Post the show, they continued their affair for some period of time but later they broke up.

Gautam Gulati – Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati too played the dirty game to stay in the house. In the first week, he got close to supermodel Diandra Soares but after their disputes, he became a dear friend of Sonali Raut. After some weeks, things got resolved between Diandra and Gautam as they started showing their PDA on-screen as well. At that time, shocking reports claimed Diandra got pregnant inside the house which caused her eviction. Later, Diandra denied those reports and, post the show, she didn’t maintain any relationship with Gautam.

Prince Narula – Bigg Boss 9

Prince is yet another winner of Bigg Boss who also took the support of girls to win the game. Firstly, the Casanova Prince got attached to Yuvika Choudhary. However, after her eviction, he found solace in wild-card entrant Nora Fatehi. Until the end of the show, Prince remained close to Nora but post the show, he again began his relationship with Yuvika. Recently, Prince and Yuvika got engaged and will soon be getting married.

Well, these four people have cheated in the house. Let’s see who will be the next cheater in Bigg Boss 12!