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Bigg Boss 12 Day 25: Srishty Rode and Saba Khan’s captaincy cancelled, Dipika’s real face exposed before Sreesanth


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Bigg Boss 12 is becoming more interesting by the day and we aren’t surprised if you can’t help but sit glued to your television sets every night the see the drama unfold in the glass walled house. While Bigg Boss threw a big twist last weekend after eliminating Anup Jalota, only in the inmates’ eyes and putting him in secret room instead. The makers pulled a similar stunt with Sreesanth in mid week eliminations. The housemates were asked to name Karanvir, Nehha or Sreesanth for eliminations. Shockingly, Sreesanth’s biggest supporter in the house took his name. Yesterday’s episode started with Sreesanth joining Anup Jalota in secret room and discussing the real face of Dipika.

Back in the house, a new task was announced for deciding captiaincy between Saba-Somi and Srishty. What happened next was totally unexpected. Well, Srishty got all aggressive which resulted in Saba turning all violent. Bigg Boss was forced to cancel the task altogether. Dipika was asked to give explanation as she was the moderator. She did second with Bigg Boss and claimed that both parties were at fault. Srishty went to bathroom and cried. Later, Sreesanth told Anup that he is now coming to know the real side of Dipika. No one in the house was convinced about Dipika nominating Sreesanth. Jasleen spoke to Nehha and claimed that Sreesanth always got upset when he was nominated so he actually didn’t wanna go home, Dipika’s act was hence not justified. Back in the secret room, Sreesanth called Dipika FAKE.

The next episode will involve inmates nominating each other for Kaal Kothari ki Saaza. By the looks of it, Srishty will be on the hotseat thanks to her aggressive behaviour during the task.


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