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Bigg Boss 11: Watch Dhinchak Pooja’s new song and how housemates reacted; Day 26 Masti


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Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11 has become an interesting event to watch on TV. On the twenty-sixth day of the show, ousted contestant Priyank Sharma re-enters the house while Dhinchak Pooja has done something new which can make you cringe.

Let’s see what happened on Day 26 of Bigg Boss 11 –

  • Day 26 starts with the morning song ‘I am the best’. Meanwhile, Puneesh Sharma tells Arshi Khan that this week Luv will get eliminated. Moreover, they also gossip about Hina Khan.
  • Interestingly, ousted contestant Priyank Sharma makes his entry from the confession room. After seeing him entering the house, Puneesh informs everyone by whistling and shouting.

  • After knowing Priyank has come, Hina Khan runs towards him and hugs him. Moreover, Benafsha Soonawalla becomes very emotional and cries while hugging Priyank. Meanwhile, Priyank meets everyone, however, Vikas Gupta sees him outside. Then what, buddy Priyank runs toward him and hugs him.
  • Later, Bigg Boss announces Akash Dadlani, Arshi Khan and Dhinchak Pooja to release from the jail.
  • However, Vikas gets upset with Priyank’s entry as he starts missing his home. Moreover, Vikas also tells Hiten that he wants to slap Benafsha for becoming much emotional in the show.
  • Meanwhile, Vikas tell Priyank about Hina that she hugged Arshi after he left the house.
  • Later, Bigg Boss gives Vikas and Shilpa a duty to direct Dhinchak Pooja’s video.
  • Shockingly, Sapna Chaudhary denies performing in the video because of the lyrics (“Sapna ko toh neend hai pyari”). Moreover, Hiten also objects to the lyrics.
  • Meanwhile, Hina and Sapna make fun of Dhinchak Pooja.
  • Then, after rejection, Hina also performs in the video and convinces Sapna to perform after changing the lyrics.


  • After giving her shot, Sapna makes a scene in the house and asks Arshi and Akash about whose idea was this to use this line for her.

  • Later, Priyank tells Sapna to threaten Arshi by using the words “Pune and Goa”.
  • Interestingly, Sapna does the same thing which Priyank suggested to her.

  • Then, Arshi gets worried and goes to Priyank and asks him why did he tell Sapna about this and her parents will kill her after hearing this.
  • Later, Sapna and Arshi get into an argument. After that Arshi cries a lot.
  • Meanwhile, Priyank warns Bandgi about Puneesh and tells her that Puneesh has a son. After hearing that, Bandgi confronts Puneesh about his child.
  • Then, Puneesh swears on his grandmother and tells Bandgi that Priyank is telling a lie.
  • In the bedroom, Hina asks Dhinchak Pooja to help Sapna with the work. Dhinchak Pooja gives no reaction to her.


  • Later, Bigg Boss shows Dhinchak Pooja’s video to everyone by which Arshi and Akash get excited and praise her.
  • However, Hina makes fun of Dhinchak Pooja’s video and tells others that she shouldn’t sing.


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