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Bigg Boss 11: OMG! Vikas Gupta tries to escape from the house twice; Find out what happened on Day 32


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Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, is getting annoying for many housemates of the house. On the day 32, viewers have seen a lot of drama in the house.

Thus, let us see what happened on day 32 in the Bigg Boss 11 house:

  • Day 32 starts with morning alarm song ‘Khalbali’ from the film Rang De Basanti on which contestants dance like a Khalbali. Especially, Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan get mad while dancing in the swimming pool.
  • In the conversation, Vikas Gupta speaks against his old friends Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Priyank Sharma’s game plan. However, he also speaks that he only trusts Arshi Khan, Hiten Tejwani and Jyoti Kumari.
  • After that, everyone gangs up against Vikas while Shilpa calls him a ‘kamina’.
  • Meanwhile, Arshi spreads her hotness as she dances while cleaning the floor.

  • Later, Bigg Boss congratulates all the housemates for their performance in the luxury budget task. However, Bigg Boss asks contestants to name two worst performers whom they want to send to kaal kothari i.e jail.
  • Hina starts taking Arshi’s name. Then, Arshi says if Hina nominated her then this means that Hina is so insecure of her. Meanwhile, Shilpa gets into a heated argument with Priyank for not nominating Vikas.


  • Then, Shilpa goes in the bathroom and throws her bottle and calls Vikas a mastermind.
  • After the discussion, Vikas and Mehjabi Siddiqui get nominated for the “Kaal kothari”.
  • Later, Bigg Boss gives special power to the captain Luv Tyagi to nominate one more contestant for the kaal kothari. Then, Luv nominates Arshi.
  • After that, Shilpa, as usual, starts instigating Vikas in kaal kothari by asking him again and again that “how did he scare everyone”.
  • Then, Vikas gets frustrated and tells that he is done with it and gets out of jail and tries to escape from the house. Meanwhile, Arshi and Mehjabi try to stop Vikas and tell him that he is doing wrong.
  • Later, Bigg Boss stops him and calls him in the confession room for discussion. Vikas tells Bigg Boss that he is done and wants to quit the show. He tells that he is being tortured in the show.
  • Bigg Boss calms down Vikas and tries to understand him the format of the game. Later, he comes out of confession room.
  • Meanwhile, Priyank says that Shilpa is emotionally destroying Vikas. However, after getting out of the confession room, she again starts instigating Vikas.
  • Later, Vikas goes back in the jail.
  • After Vikas, Bigg Boss calls Shilpa in the confession room and stops her from going personal in the show. Shilpa smartly apologises to Bigg Boss and comes after the confession room by pretending like she is crying.


  • Then, Shilpa brings dinner for Vikas on which he doesn’t react. However, Shilpa apologises to Vikas for going personal and sings “Tera peecha na main chorungi.”
  • Meanwhile, Vikas asks Shilpa about what he has done wrong to her. Later, Vikas calls all the housemates and tells the story of what actually happened between him and Shilpa.
  • During the storytelling, Akash Dadlani shouts at Vikas and calls him a negative person by supporting Shilpa.
  • However, Priyank gets furious and stops Akash from supporting Shilpa and going against Vikas. By this, Priyank and Akash get into a fight.
  • Later, Vikas stops Priyank and tells him that he can fight his own battle. Meanwhile, Hina tries to calm down Priyank.
  • In the conversation with other housemates, Priyank tells that everyone is upset with Shilpa and Akash’s behaviour but nobody is taking a stand.
  • Then, Hina says that she doesn’t have any problem with Shilpa.
  • However, Akash again provokes Priyank to get into a fight. Then, Priyank calls Akash a ‘Dead-laani’.


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