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Bigg Boss 11: OMG! Sapna Chaudhary sprays insect repellent on Arshi Khan; Day 12 action


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Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, is now turning into action mode. Yes, the contestants have now become furious and harmful for each other. Thus, let’s see what happened on Day 12 in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

  • Day 12 starts with the refreshing morning alarm song, ‘Khula hai mera pinjara aa meri maina’ on which they dance pretty well with new energy.


  • Meanwhile, Friday has been considered as the ‘Friday Ka Faisla’ thus, this time new panel i.e Sargun Mehta and Bigg Boss 10 finalist Manu Panjabi make their presence and point out major things about the contestants.
  • Disappointed with captain Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan tells Kaamchor captain. She also tells Hiten that she will do what she likes and never listen to the Kaamchor captain.
  • However, the shocking thing happened in the house is forever enemy, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas are seen talking calmly with each other. Shilpa tells Vikas to control anger while frustrated Vikas tells her that he wanted to leave as he misses his mom. Then, Shilpa tells him that he would never know what will happen next. Surprisingly, during this sweet conversation, Vikas tells Shilpa that her hair is looking very nice.
  • Later, contestants discuss about the luxury budget as they have given only 1400 points to buy the goods.
  • After that, Kitchen area becomes a ring of war as Arshi Khan complains to Vikas about Sapna Chaudhary that she denies cleaning dishes. Later, Vikas tell Sapna that she has to clean her own plates. But, Sapna replies that she won’t. Thus, Vikas comes to a conclusion that let one person to do all dishes.
  • Meanwhile, panelist talks to Sapna’s brother. He says that if Sapna comes on her own terms, she will get viler. She is controlling her anger on the show. Then panelist asks him that if he wants to give advice to Sapna, then he say she shouldn’t cry. However, Sargun says she can make people cry.
  • Later, Bigg Boss asks captain Vikas to give one name whom he wants to send to Kaal-Kothari, then he gives Hina’s name as she has not been following rules of captain. Then, Bigg Boss again gives the right to the padosis to give one more name with mutual consent whom they want to send in the jail.

  • Meanwhile, Hina creates chaos in the house and tells Vikas is a ‘Ghatiya Aadmi’. Then, again friends become enemies as Shilpa and Arshi get into a verbal fight when Shilpa tells her that if she had to vote then she would vote Arshi for the jail. After hearing this, Arshi starts screaming and calls Shilpa a ‘Bakwaas Aurat’. She even calls her ‘Pagal Aurat’ i.e Psycho Aurat.
  • Then, Bigg Boss asks Padosis to give one name on which Mehjabi gives Arshi’s name by saying that she is taking advantages from captain Vikas. Later, Bigg Boss asks gharwales to give one name with mutual consent whom they want to send to jail. They gives Sapna’s name. So, by then, Hina, Arshi and Sapna have become the prisoners of the jail.
  • However, in the Kaal-Kothari, while having dinner, Arshi starts provoking Sapna by saying that there are so many insects in the jail. Then, Sapna tackles this situation in her own way as she sprays insect repellent spray in the jail as well as on the face of Arshi and says that now every insect will go. Later, Arshi starts shouting and throws chair here and there. Meanwhile, Hina feels suffocated due to asthma.


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