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Bigg Boss 11: Is Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta turn friends?


Actor Shilpa Shinde seems to have won everyone’s heart in the Bigg Boss 11 house, including contestant Vikas Gupta. Those who have been following the show, are aware of the bad past shared by Shilpa and Vikas. The two have left no stone unturned to trouble each other. Right from throwing tea on each other’s clothes to not letting each other sleep and looking for ways to get at each other, Shilpa and Vikas have been an integral part of each episode.

However, Vikas chose to save Shilpa in a nomination task in the recent episode. He was asked to destroy his jacket, which was gifted to him by his family on Diwali, if he wanted to save her. And he did that! He also made Shilpa promise to work with him, once the show ends.

Shilpa, too, was in tears by the end of the task and even urged him not to destroy his jacket. At the end, she agreed to briefly work with him.

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Meanwhile, when it was Shilpa’s turn to save contestant Arshi Khan, she agreed readily. The actor had to destroy a picture of a tiger, gifted to her by her brother, and she did that without any hesitation.

Not only has she been winning votes steadily, thanks to her kind and helpful nature in the house, but she also seems to be turning foes to friends!

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