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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta fight over Puneesh Sharma; Day 65 drama


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Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss Season 11 has now turned into baby care place. On day 65, Bigg Boss gave captaincy task to housemates which turned tug of war.

Thus, let’s see what happened on day 65 in Bigg Boss 11 house –

  • Day 65 starts with Puneesh Sharma getting emotional by holding B letter in his hand. He starts missing Bandgi Kalra and says, “Bands, I miss you so much.”
  • Later, Puneesh gets normal and sings a song for Vikas Gupta.
  • Meanwhile, Akash Dadlani tells everyone that he saved Shilpa Shinde because Salman Khan asked him to resolve his differences with her.

  • Then, Bigg Boss gives a “Day Care” task for the captaincy in which contestants have to park their pram in the parking area on the buzzer. At the end of the task, the baby whose pram is left out would be out of the race of captaincy.
  • Priyank Sharma has a pram of Puneesh, Arshi Khan has Shilpa’s pram, Luv Tyagi has Vikas’s pram, Akash has Hiten Tejwani’s pram, Shilpa has Priyank’s pram, Hina Khan has Hiten’s pram, Vikas has Arshi’s pram and Puneesh has Luv’s pram.

  • As the task starts, Vikas sings “Meri beti nagin hai” for Arshi. Moreover, in the task, Arshi drowns Shilpa’s doll in the pool.
  • Further, Luv beats Puneesh’s doll while Vikas locks Hiten’s pram and says Hiten has to monitor the task.
  • Meanwhile, Hiten says that this doll is so innocent, however, Shilpa says that this doll is not at all innocent.

  • Later, on the first buzzer, everyone runs to the parking area. However, Priyank finishes last thus Puneesh gets out of the captaincy race.
  • Moreover, Arshi makes a fun of Shilpa’s doll. Later, Shilpa also gets out of the task.
  • Later, surprisingly, Akash resolves his problems with Arshi and says that he is not going to perform the task because he wants to make Arshi a captain of the house.
  • Thus, Hiten gets out of the task. At this behaviour of Akash, Hiten says Akash will always be a loser.
  • Meanwhile, Hina remarks that she won’t let Vikas win this task.

  • As the task gets further, mastermind Vikas starts planning with Puneesh and Hiten. Vikas tells Hiten and Puneesh to use their mind and starts making a strategy of not making Luv the captain. However, in the discussion, Puneesh tells Vikas that he won’t let Arshi be the captain. On this, Vikas says that he will see and ask him not to let Luv be the captain.
  • Later, Hina too plays the strategy and tells Vikas that she doesn’t want Akash to be the captain and she wants to be the captain. Shockingly, Akash too tells Hina that he doesn’t want to be the captain.
  • Priyank tells Vikas that he wants to be the captain. But Vikas tells this game is not in the hands of one person and he is too late in coming to him.
  • Later, Luv himself says that Puneesh only saving him just because he has Vikas’s pram.
  • After that, Arshi and Vikas get into a heated argument for taking Puneesh’s side over her. In an argument, Arshi tells Hiten that Vikas will choose Puneesh and Bandgi over him. However, Vikas tells Arshi not to instigate Hiten.
  • In the garden area, Akash asks Shilpa to talk to Arshi and forgive her. However, Shilpa refuses to talk to Arshi and they both get into an argument.
  • In the end, Akash tries to calm them and says it was a bad idea.


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