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Big b message in Pink movie will have effect on laws governing women


Indian Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan attends a press conference to promote the Hindi film "Pink" in Mumbai on September 19, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / -

PINK, the film that’s got everyone talking, has moved beyond being a mere piece of celluloid to becoming a movement. And its main force, Amitabh Bachchan is justifiably thrilled.

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The legendary actor, who has been winning accolades for his portrayal of a lawyer, admits that they did not expect this kind of response nor the effect that the film has had on many individuals, especially women. It has been nothing short of overwhelming, he confirms.

It was word of mouth that worked for the film, as there were no deliberate or regular marketing plans put in place for the film. However, producer Shoojit Sirkar did have the confidence that when audiences watched the film, they would respond to it and spontaneously spread the word. Bachchan points out that this is exactly what happened.

In his wisdom and vast experience, the star vouches that every Indian film essentially is a tale of good vanquishing evil. PINK was no different but where it goes forward from being merely a film lies in the fact that it is fostering change.

Bachchan points out that certain government ministers as well as legal luminaries have watched the film and have indicated that there will be changes made in laws governing women and their plight in filing FIRs. He is hopeful certain misgivings have been cleared and will be put into practise soon.

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Despite the disturbing news of attacks on women that occur almost every single day, Amitabh Bachchan believes that a conscious effort in the process of education, law and moral and social policing will bring results. He singles out parental upbringing and the inculcating of certain values in the young at an early age, as mandatory. The sons have to be educated and brought up to comprehend equality and rid themselves of the discriminatory attitude that many of their ilk hold.

Bachchan’s wisdom shines through in the open letter he had recently penned to his granddaughters. While the missive had garnered attention to the relevant points he had made as it addressed girls, fact is that it simultaneously also sent an indirect if still powerful message to the boys!