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Bhanu Uday: I am professional enough not to put anyone in jeopardy


Bhanu Uday tells Satish Sundaresan while speaking about turning down Hrithik Roshan-starrer ‘Super 30’, entering showbiz and more…

What do you call someone who is an enviable combo of good looks and talents and still extremely ground to earth! Well, before you start searching for names; let us tell you that the extremely grounded man is none other than Bhanu Uday, the very man who makes no bones about speaking his heart out. After announcing his arrival in the telly land with shows like Special Squad and Saam Daam Dand Bhed, the man has definitely become not just a household name, but also the heartbeat of almost every Indian (especially, the women folks). And very soon, Bhanu will be making an entry in Bollywood. Excerpts from the interview:

Your father, Anil Goswami, is a former Union Home Secretary and a celebrated IAS officer, your mother is a lawyer. Did your decision of entering showbiz came as a culture shock to them?
F Yes. It did. But, the fact remained that I had decided very early in life that I wanted to become an actor. When I spoke to my parents about my passion towards acting, they were taken aback initially. But, when they saw me relentlessly pursuing my passion and also when I got my admission in National School of Drama (NSD), that’s when they realise I have the fire in me towards acting. They knew for a fact that getting into NSD was not an easy task at all.

So you found your calling for showbiz while you were in school?
Yes. I was in class eight, when I started doing theatre. I never changed my mind after that.

Having lived your childhood in the heavenly city of Jammu, was it difficult to find your place in the fast moving cosmopolitan city of Delhi?
Frankly speaking, I never liked living in Jammu, as it was too laid-back of a life. People around were just too happy with their lives and were not too driven about anything. In other words, they were living a soft cushioned and easy life, where everything was taken care of. As far as I was concerned, I always wanted to get out of Jammu. That’s when I went to Delhi. The very moment, I moved to Delhi, I took a liking for the city. But again, there was something about Delhi which I did not like. The very moment I touched Mumbai, I immediately knew that ‘this was it’. I loved the vibrancy, the energy and the non-stop life that Mumbai offered to every single person who came here and lives here. I also love the fact that Mumbai city is always on the move. As it’s rightly said, that Mumbai is a city which never sleeps. Mumbai is a truly cosmopolitan city…in the real sense of the word. For me, while Delhi was a big city with a small time mentality, Mumbai is like New York!

Your younger brother is also entering showbiz. Can we see both of you together in one frame?
That’s the whole idea! He is basically trying to become a writer, producer and director. And I am an actor. Let’s see, hopefully, in a few years, he will be directing me!

You had acted in the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Lakshya. Did the world come to a standstill for you when you had to refuse Super 30 because of date clashes with your TV show?
I would have definitely loved to do both (the TV show as well as the film). I knew for a fact that all the accolades and recognition that I am getting is because of the show, which has enabled everyone to discover me. The irony of the situation is that Vikas Behl saw me in the show’s promo and had immediately decided to cast me in Super 30, even without an audition! Even the film’s producers were keen that I do the film. But, the film needed 45 days of my commitment. I am professional enough not to put anyone in jeopardy. That’s why I had to let go off the opportunity. Maybe, it’s not the right time for me. I am sure that the Universe will surely make it happen…some other time.

It that True that…

Amit Varma played the cupid between you and your wife, Shalini?
Not really! We (my wife and I) had met because of him. After that, we kind of met behind his back and got hooked up (laughs)

That you and Shalini were not on talking terms when your first film released?
No. Maybe, she stopped talking to me after seeing me in my first film (laughs).

Shalini accepted your marriage proposal stating “As if I have a choice?”
Yes, very true! I had proposed to her on the day of our marriage. I thought that it was a very romantic gesture on my part (smiles).

You follow the practice of never go to sleep with a fight or an issue in hand. Is that the secret of every happy marriage?
We have just been together for three years. I don’t think that we should be giving anyone gyaan on happy marriage. But, as you rightly said, that’s a rule that Shalini and I religiously follow.

That when you were in Krabi on your honeymoon, you landed up singing with the live band which was playing there?
A bit stunned and surprised) Wow! Satish, I like your research. I will tell you how it all happened. My wife always had a grudge against me that I was not romantic enough. That’s why, during our honeymoon, without her knowledge, I had requested the band to play the song that she liked. And when they sang the track, I joined them impromptu!