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Beauty is more than skin deep for Bipasha


Ever wondered what went into acquiring those gorgeous looks that Bipasha Basu possesses? Well, legs like hers don’t come without some hard work and in Bips’ case that includes 10 types of squats, lunges, presses, leg curls, calf raises and leg extensions – and all this in one leg workout session!

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The actress combines this with functional plyometric training to tone her legs and for weight loss, blended with Pilates, yoga, weight training and cardio. While most mortals would quake and collapse at the mere thought of this vigorous routine, Bips grins that it is all effortless for her.

In fact, she can lift more than men can at the gym and she keeps pushing herself as she believes that when your fitness levels are so high, one needs to break the plateau. All this is truly commendable when you realise that Bipasha had been diagnosed with arthritis when just 23!

She had been warned off from dancing and had even been recommended knee replacement surgery. That never stopped this fighter, who slaved to strengthen her legs and even though they hurt to this day, the ice pack is her daily rescue!

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What you put into your body is equally important and for this stunner it’s mainly green juices, high-fibre fruits, eggs, fish, chicken, fresh veggies – in short, a protein-rich diet with the addition of complex carbs. Of course, that rules out tea, coffee, dairy, cigarettes and alcohol. What she does indulge in are weekly deep tissue massages.

But while the world oohs and aahs over this perfect bod, she herself reveals that she has always loved herself, even back when she was told her facial features were asymmetrical. It’s about finding what you really are and retaining that essence about yourself.