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Bad Moms: Heart-warming mother-daughter camaraderie



Film: Bad Moms

Cast: Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, Annie Mumolo, Jay Hernandez, Clark Duke, Lea McKendrick, David Walton

Directors: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Mother’s Day isn’t upon us but who cares! This flick from Lucas and Moore of Hangover fame, is designed to make moms enjoy a guilt free trip. I must also say at the outset the title is far from 100% accurate considering that these celluloid moms are far from bad; overworked, underappreciated wives and mothers trying to make the best of their lot.

Yoked to a happy marriage, the burden of motherhood is light. This, sadly is not the case with the protagonist Amy (Kunis, strong) who combines an office job with domestic duties even as her feckless husband whiles away his time, watching porn and conducting a cyber-sexcapade.

Carla (Hahn, terrific as usual) is a garishly-dressed sluttish single mother whose exact opposite is The Devoted Mom Kiki (Bell) raising four small children while the patriarchal husband is a zero in terms of child care. To add their woes, the trio and Amy especially, have to contend with the antagonist, the PTA’s manipulative control freak Gwendolyn (Applegate) whose life, as viewers discover in due course, isn’t as luxe as she makes it out to be.

The (X-rated) fun begins when Carla decides Amy needs a makeover to attract a new man and bar-hopping to drown her sorrows. The marriage therapist on her part, decides Amy’s marriage is not worth saving. Mind you, this life-altering judgement is pronounced ten minutes into the counselling session. Are we supposed to take this reel therapy and the “butt” trash talk seriously? I suppose not. But then, there’s full frontal nudity and jokes about circumcision. Since many a jest is spoken in truth, is this film plugging bad sex? Go figure. The best thing is its assertion of the need for men to participate in child care.

Do stay back for the end credits to enjoy some heart-warming mother-daughter camaraderie between the female cast and their beautiful moms!