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Back To School! 


ANIL KAPOOR and KALKI KOECHLIN support P&G’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility programme,  ‘Padhega India, Badhega India’. VANESSA VIEGAS gets the details.


The reason…

I believe the future of our country lies in the hands of its children.

I’m glad to be given this wonderful opportunity to support the cause of education by building and supporting schools that is driven by P&G Shiksha. It is great to see that over the past 11 years, 450 schools have been built with over 8,00,000 children impacted.

Interacting with such bright minds from the P&G Shiksha schools has been a wonderful and humbling experience. Education plays a very important role in a child’s life and helps mold them into successful individuals. I have three children and as parents we understand the importance of providing good quality education to them which helps them in making decisions independently in the future.

I urge each and every one of you to take the ‘Pledge for Shiksha’ by making the simple brand choice of buying P&G products, part of the proceeds of which will go towards building and supporting schools, so that each and every child can gain access to their basic right, which is education.

Back to school
I had no favourite subject per se (laughs)…but as far as I can recollect History was my favourite subject in school. Besides I loved bunking classes and one would always find me gracing the back benches with my head faced down, pretending to sleep.

My favourite teacher was the one who never used to shout at me, and would easily forgive me for my mistakes. I have some of the best memories from school. The fun we had, studying together, playing together, I remember all that.

Harking back to one bad memory from school, there was a time when I blanked out during a debate competition in school. I was so flushed; I had nothing to say on stage. But from that day on until today I have always rehearsed my lines. The lesson came in handy after all!


The reason…

Education is the most important thing for our country to grow. I have had the privilege of obtaining a good educatc Kalkiion. I went to an international school in Ooty. It was a place where people of different religions came together.
I have been associated with P&G Shiksha in the past and it is great to be back once again. As a consumer I have been contributing to P&G Shiksha for many years through simple brand choices.

Moreover, it is great to see the tremendous increase in the number of schools that P&G Shiksha has built and supported and the number of lives they have impacted through this noble initiative.

It has always been a pleasure to be associated with P&G Shiksha and it is s a wonderful experience interacting with the bright young minds of tomorrow. Education plays a very important role in securing an individual’s future and P&G Shiksha has been successful in securing the future of more than 8,00,000 children. This is an outstanding achievement and to continue this I urge you all to take the ‘Pledge for Shiksha’.

Back to school
I was a shy person in school until I reached the age of 13 when I realised that I had a sense of humour… so I was the class clown! I kind of hid my shyness behind my humour.