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Baaraat Company: Review, Cast, Story, Director


Film: Baaraat Company

Cast: Anuritta Jha, Ranveer Kumar, Sandeepa Dhar, Vishal Karwal

Director: Syed Ahmed Afzal

‘Baaraat Company’ is a group of not-so-happy men Immu a.k.a Imaan Singh (Ranveer Kumar), Diljale, Jackson and Immu’s grandfather who run a business that specialises in organising wedding parties while consciously subverting love matches. Immu and his friends are called upon to prevent brides and grooms from running away before their arranged marriages. It’s a conceptual idea that might have had purchase if there was a little more energy and engagement in the proceedings.

Unfortunately a wooden faced Ranveer Kumar is unable to carry off the role of love hater who eventually contracts the dreaded disease and falls fatally in love with his victim Yasmin’s (Anuritta Jha) best friend Mehek (Sandeepa Dhar).

While the situations contrived inorganically may seem interesting, there’s little passion or verve to sustain it all through the laborious set-up and exposition conspiring to keep the lovers apart and conflicted. The narrative is largely implausible and the climactic by play that involves the once intended victim and husband holing out in a Dargah while her family go around in circles searching for her, fails the reality test. The involvement of S P Abhay (Vishal Karwal) who is also Mehek’s fiancé, feels entirely unnecessary in a scheme that appears to be obligatory in its attempted complexity. This is a film that spews forth interesting ideas but none of them play out as productive to the largely uninvolved and infecting story.