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Audience showing interest in independent, small films: Kiran


Kiran Rao

Mumbai: Director Kiran Rao is happy that people are showing interest not only in making independent and small budget films, but also in watching them. “We are slowly being able to chart this new territory of making independent, small budget films. We have more people who are interested to watch and make such films. So talent is there. It’s a good thing,” Kiran told PTI.

“Nobody wanted to produce ‘Lagaan’ except Aamir (Khan). To create distribution, exhibition, funding for newer films would be a great start,” she said. Kiran thinks there is a need to build infrastructure as well. “We just need to build infrastructure. This is not just in filmmaking world, but generally we lack infrastructure in India. I think we are a country that builds good infrastructure. We need to build systems.”

Kiran is busy working on two films for Aamir Khan Productions (AKP). One is “Dangal” and the other is by Aamir’s former manager Advait Chandan. “We are producing ‘Dangal’ and a film to be directed by Advait Chandan, that starts next year,” she said.

Apart from producing films, the “Dhobi Ghat” director is also working on her next directorial venture. “I am still in the process of writing a script. I am trying to write a film. I don’t know yet which genre it is. May be by next year I will be back to directing,” she said.

Ask her what is more exciting, producing films or directing them, the 41-year-old producer-director said, “I would say it (producing) may be as exciting but nothing can be more exciting than directing your own film.” There is an ongoing trend in the industry with filmmakers like Karan Johar, Tigamanshu Dhulia, Anurag Kashyap acting in films, but Kiran isn’t interested in being in front of the camera. “I have no thoughts on this trend, if it is one. I have no plans to act at the moment,” she added.