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Audience has evolved: Vidya 


vidya balanvidya balan

Ace actress Vidya Balan believes that the audience has evolved with their taste of films and the variety of films are to be credited for it. The KAHAANI actress has always been known to taking up bold films like KAHAANI, THE DIRTY PICTURE and HUMAARI ADHURI KAHAANI. Her choices have always upped the game for other actresses. A pioneer on women centric films, Vidya thinks the audience has changed a lot and films are responsible for this change.

In an interview with CINE BLITZ, Vidya mentioned, “Indian audience has evolved and also we (film industry) have been giving them different types of films. The more successful these kind of films are, the more variety we’ll be able to give. It’s like a give and take. There are small films that are made but don’t get released but it feels good to see that someone is putting in money to tell a different story and bring it out in the public. A variety of films is always good for the audience.”

During the interview, she also mentioned that her husband is a diehard fan of watching film, irrespective or their genre or type. “Siddharth and I visit a theatre every week. He watches every type of films. He watches more than I do but the genre and the type of film doesn’t matter to him. He enjoys it all.”