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Asthaa Agarwal takes two hours to get ready


Asthaa Agrawal, who plays Prathana from “Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal”, takes almost two hours to get into her look for the show. “Personally I take only 20 minutes to get ready. But to get into the look of Prathnaa, I take almost two hours because of the elaborate Indian make-up and peculiar hair style with ‘gajras’ around it. Besides the look, my sari has to be draped in a unique way and a lot of effort go behind it. It takes dozens of safety pins to make that perfect drape.”

The actress says her stylist puts in a lot of effort. “She has to bend on her knees and press each and every pleat in a proper manner. She has to climb on a chair because of my height,” Asthaa said.