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Ashoke Pandit urges caution on statements given by celebs on foreign soil


Mumbai: “Celebrities should be sure of what they are speaking, especially on a foreign soil,” says filmmaker Ashoke Pandit citing global star Priyanka Chopra’s latest comment on Sikkim. The ‘Baywatch’ star has courted fresh controversy after calling Sikkim a state ‘troubled with insurgency’ in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017.

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Speaking about it, the 60-year-old told ANI, “There’s no doubt that Priyanka, who is an icon of this country, did a mistake, a blunder. Now that she has apologized, I think the matter should end here.” Adding, “But there’s no doubt that celebrities have to be particular in talking about things they are very confident upon otherwise things go on a wrong turn. It is important for people to know about that particular place before making a statement and that too on a foreign soil.”

For the unversed, shortly after her comments, the social media went into a spin following which PeeCee issued an apology letter to Sikkim tourism minister.

  • Fekuchand

    Why pin point at Priyanka Chopra only by this person, new Icon of Feku who himself said on foreign soil, indians are ashamed to be born in India. What Chopra said is not derogatory. There r many countries in the world which r terror infected. She apologized for that& that is it. This gentleman is addressing people as he is another intellectual like feku.

  • AV Singh

    These merely actors, olden days called nachaniya. Projectioon screen is script writer’s brain behind, & we are familiar with false image.