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Ashish Sharma makes difference to his dressman’s life 



Actor Ashish Sharma, who is currently seen playing Ram in popular mythological TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, says he is glad that his presence around his dressman brought a change in his life for good, reports IANS.

Ashish’s dressman came up to him and narrated his story of how, unknowingly, the actor changed his life and got it back on track. Ashish was elated.  “My dressman Santosh entered my vanity and all of a sudden he started thanking me. On asking, he said that he was an alcoholic before he started working here. He is married and blessed with three children.

“His habit of drinking started creating a rift between him and his family as some times they would even have to go fetch him at 4 a.m. in the morning,” Ashish said in a statement.

The actor even shared that it has been two months since his dressman has touched alcohol.