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Ashish Chowdhry: Going back to his roots


Ashish Chowdhry, who has worked on both television and films in his decade-long career, credits small screen for making him a household name. The actor says more than films, TV gave him a privilege to choose good work.

“When I came in films I was like why should I do television now. I said no to TV and I realised I did forget my roots… Like where I came from. The kind of fandom I got from television I have not got in films. Also, the role selection that I got to do in television was not in films. But that doesn’t mean I look down upon films. I believe in waiting for the right offer,” Ashish said.

Ashish is excited about his next television show “Dev”, in which he plays the role of a detective. Showcasing stories inspired from true life events, this fictionalised investigative thriller takes viewers into the world of Dev Burman (Ashish), a mystery solver.

According to the actor, the genre of detective series is not explored much, be it on the small or films, but Ashish says he likes taking risk. “It’s a risky show as it is different, not a regular daily soap. I am not against ‘saas-bahu’ show, you give audience what works. It is important to take a risk and reinvent yourself. I am hopeful the show will get respect.” The show will premiere on August 5.