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Arpita’s baby boy brings happiness in bleak times


arpita baby

Khandaan as we fondly call Salim Khan’s illustrious family has been going through tough times. There have been rumours about Sohail and Seema Khan heading for a divorce, there have already been press releases stating Malaika and Arbaaz Khan have decided to take a break from their marriage and look within to see what life has in store for them. With Salman in Punjab for Sultan, the smiles and laughter from the house that welcomes all with open arms seemed to have completely lost but just when the times seem bleak, happiness seems to have come fore, in the form of Prince Ahil.

Arpita and Aayush Sharma’s son Ahil’s birth has once again brought loads of smiles and love and laughter in the family. Everyone seems to have forgotten the strains of their respective relationships and coming together as one. Everyone is planning a home coming party and more for the newest boy of their family.

“Truly, Salim uncle’s family is filled with boys and they are more than happy to add more into the family. Seeing how they love unconditionally, their happiness translates into everyone else’s happiness too. No matter how much the media talks about broken marriages in the family, how much they speak about differences within the family, the fact of the matter is thatthey are family and that’s how they will be till the end of time,” shared a friend of the family. Clearly he is not the only one who thought like that. Amrita Arora too put it up on a social networking site stating ‘there are no broken families, family is family’, she did remove the said caption later as an after thought but the sentiments couldn’t be altered and we for one completely stand by her emotions.