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Arjun Rampal embraces the newest member of the Rock On family


What happens when a new member joins a rock band? Unwanted friction may take course ruining the bands harmony. The new member on board is Shraddha Kapoor and yes we are talking about Rock On 2’s band Majik.

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The first instalment of Rock On had Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny and Purab Kohli as the least cast. The second instalment saw two new additions to the band, sans Luke Kenny. Shraddha Kapoor and Shashank Arora will be a part of the Majik.

When Arjun Rampal was asked about the newest girl member joining the band, he said, “Initially I felt ‘how is this girl going to fit in?’. She’s from a totally different generation, but that’s what the film is too. I had no idea at that point in time because, I hadn’t seen any of her movies, I hadn’t really interacted with her.”

Then how did he get acclimatized to this new member in the team. “When I heard what she had done with her vocals, it was so incredible. It’s amazing to see the kids of this new generation.

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They’re so focused. At her age, I was not that person. Shraddha has been a huge fan of Rock On and we spent a lot of time in Shillong, and it was nice that we all went and started shooting in there, so we could spend time with each other. I got to know her very well and she is a perfect band member.”