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Are Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam cooling off steam?


Yami Gautam - Pulkit SamratYami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat Promote their film Junooniyat on 11th June 2016 shown to user

Okay so all those who have heard the rumours perhaps are wondering what’s to become of Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam, and believe me somehow this Bollywood romance is more funny than their protagonists would want it to be. To begin with everyone is asking Pulkit when is his divorce coming through, well he does have a ‘valid’ reason to delay the inevitable when he says his ‘back-to-back releases’ are the reason why he has not had the time to divorce his wife! If that’s not hilarious I don’t know what is! Seriously! You want us to believe that Mr. Samrat?

Well even if we do, there is also that fact that Yami is in no hurry to make things official, given she has taken the big leap and will be featured alongside Hrithik Roshan, her first film with an A-list superstar she might not be tumbling over herself to get wedded with her alleged beau. Perhaps Pulkit cannot help but feel that the proverbial foot that cannot hold onto two boats!

Clearly, any hope he might have had from Salman Khan and co, would have probably already rushed down the drain because of his impetus love-affair with his costar, while his them newly married wife stayed home and attended to his social status in Bollywood courtesy her proximity to Salman Khan and his family. Seriously Pulkit, it is never really advisable to put raging hormones in the thinking box.