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Anushka: when the going gets tough…


Anushka Sharma was a year-old toddler when Salman Khan had appeared in MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989) and now she plays one of her most challenging roles so far opposite him. Ali Abbas Zafar’s SULTAN sees her buffing up to play a Haryanvi-speaking wrestler. In order to prep for the role, she physically transformed herself in six weeks. She had to go through intense body training to build definition and muscle. Her petite build was a disadvantage and she had to beat the general perception that wrestlers are huge. What helped is that while she was researching she found many female wrestlers who were built lightly like her. Matches, as it is known, are played according to weight categories!

Quite the pro at the ins and outs of the sport already, Anushka points out that wrestling is a lot about technique. According to her, it is a game of strategy about finding your opponent’s weakness. She even has her favourite move – the dhobi pachad – and is sure to grab eyeballs effortlessly even in a Salman Khan film!

Fact is Anushka Sharma, for her all her down-to-earthiness, seems to grab a li’l too much attention – not something she likes at all! Take her lips which had suddenly gone plump during the time of BOMBAY VELVET. While they were photographically in graphic detail, she today shrugs that she had nothing to hide. Her coming out and speaking about her lip job was seen as brave by a lot of people. She doesn’t see it as particularly heroic, declaring that she had to do it for her role and she wasn’t going to lie and say she didn’t do it. She had to take ownership, she says, besides letting her fans know that she was human and not perfect.

The negative attention and the trolls can get a little too much for her to handle at times but she soldiers on. Regarding the umpteen times she has been blamed for beau Virat Kohli’s losses, she reveals that she tries not to get affected by trolls as that can really mess her up. She tries to make sure the haters don’t decide the way she lives her life. Instead, she ignored the meanness and posted regularly about new and happy developments in her life such as her upcoming film with Karan Johar, AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL.
Self-admittedly shy – who would have thought?! – she hates shopping, eats two dinners on most days and admits she couldn’t understand INTERSTELLAR even though she tried desperately! Now that’s honest!!