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Anushka Sharma unveils the first look of ‘NH 10’ in Mumbai


New Delhi: Anushka Sharma unveiled the first look of her upcoming film ‘NH 10’ in Mumbai recently.

When asked whether the film showcases women empowerment since the film posters bear Sharma holding a stick with a tagline “Not Turning Back”, director Navdeep Sharma said anyone could relate with the film. “No, not at all. I think it is about any human being, whether it is a man, woman or child or anything. It is about resilience in a person,” he added.

Sharma, who is co-producing the film, said becoming a producer was not a pre-meditated thought. “It was not coming that I want to be a producer now. It was not in my head. When this film came to me, it itself made me wanting to do it. It was not like a pre-meditated thought.”

“I would just say that look it at the way that this is how much I feel. I feel so strongly for this film that I wanted to back it in this way and I wanted to be a part of it completely. That is the only reason. There is no other reason to take this decision,” the 26-year old actress added.

‘NH 10’ showcases a young couple living in the national capital region of Gurgaon and their struggle to come out of a difficult situation while hitting National Highway 10 on a holiday.

The film releases on 6th March.