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Anushka Sharma is hat-ke!


The pretty actress says that she has been lucky to play diverse roles in such a short span of time in Bollywood

Actress Anushka Sharma, who has portrayed characters ranging from a betrayed lover to a wrestler in movies, says she can play any role if the right opportunities come her way. “As an actress, I think I can do anything, but it depends on what kind of opportunities you get. I am lucky in that way. I have been given the kind of opportunities and done those kinds of roles. People have liked those portrayals. I think that is more important,” Anushka said.

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“As an actor, you constantly try to do more diverse work because, ultimately, you can only impress people with your roles. The characters that we portray on screen, people fall in love with that. Therefore, we all look for good and different characters and I am happy that I got those opportunities in my career,” added the actress-producer who will now be seen in “Phillauri”.

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Her first production was the gritty thriller “NH10”, and now she is coming up with her second outing “Phillauri”, which is a quirky tale featuring Anushka as a ghost named Shashi. While asked about choosing an out-of-the-box subject, Anushka said, “I think the idea came out because Karnesh (her brother) and I wanted to tell a different story and present a new idea as well.

That is why ‘NH10’ was made, which was well-received by people. Similarly, the ‘Phillauri’ trailer is getting a good response in all aspects. The vision is to create good content and introduce new talent. It’s a very relatable character. I have tried to be honest playing the role. Finally, it depends on the audience how they react to the film.”