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Anurag has a solution for all these internet leaks


anurag kashyapanurag kashyap

It is a fact that every big film that is gearing up for release is now wondering if their fate will be like that of SULTAN and KABALI, not the fact that they made many multi-millions at the box office but because both these films were leaked on the internet even before they were released officially.

Great Grand Masti leaked online

Scenes from the films were floating across the worldwide web, and there was really nothing that could be done. Though franklcy one would think not much damage was done! You cannot help but fear when you have invested millions into a project. “The filmmakers today are juggling with too many odds against them. Yes, money making in this industry does stand to be one of the most alluring factors of moviemaking but making money on a film is not as easy as it seems. There are so many factors that go into building the revenue. It is rather tough and to top it off the films being leaked and rumours around them also add to cuts in revenue model. Given the kind of money that does into making a film these days, such set backs are really best avoided,” quipped the film analysts.

“For someone like me, first day first show audience doesn’t exists. I know that a lot of my fans download my films. While it is frustrating to have people appreciate your work and yet not get rewarded accordingly, the fact of the matter is that if we make online sales more feasible all this could just stop. People don’t like to cheat when you are making it available to them so easily. We really need to set up a system in place for that,” explained Anurag Kashyap