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Angad Bedi says, ‘Katrina is a sore loser’


Narrates Angad Bedi to NIKITA WADHAWAN about the cricket matches that the cast played in between filming of his upcoming movie

Angad Bedi, who was last seen in a web series Inside Edge, is all geared up for his next release, Tiger Zinda Hai, alongside Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Angad, whose father is a former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi, brought a competitive spirit on the sets along with the game of cricket. The cast and crew were often spotted playing the sport in between the shoot. When asked who played better cricket, Salman or Katrina, Angad says, “Salman is the better batsman and a natural left hander, while Katrina bowls very well.” Excerpts from the interview:

How was it bonding with Salman Khan?
Time spent with him has been really amazing. Out of the 98 days schedule I spent around 65 days with him and we were shooting completely in Abu Dhabi. We hung out a lot and we played a lot of cricket and tennis and it was great to understand the man behind the stardom. I have known him socially for a while, but knowing him personally is a very good feeling and he looks out for you, which I really like. There are certain traits in him that remind me of my own father. I did this film because I wanted him to see my work and I hope I can collaborate with him again.

Was he intimidating?
He is not an intimidating person at all. He is very loving, a lot of fun and if he likes you then he gets involved in your life, which is a very good thing. He kept asking me what my diet is. What is my next film and so on. I am very fortunate to work with Mr Bachchan who is such a big megastar and from the billion people who will come and watch Tiger Zinda Hai, they will watch me as well. I am basking in Salman’s glory (laughs).

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How did you manage to break the ice with Katrina Kaif?
In fact, she broke the ice. She came on the sets and she said ‘Angad I saw you in PINK and I thought you were fab’. And she said that in front of Salman and I felt a bit awkward and said thanks. She also took a lot of keen interest in playing cricket with us and she was the one who took us to the tennis court. There were days that we had to go train, but she would convince us to ditch the training and play tennis. So obviously when you shoot a lot of outdoor you become more relaxed and she is extremely focused with her diet and training. I think her role in this film is her best to-date.

Who is better in cricket: Katrina or Salman?
Salman is the better batsman and a natural left hander. He has a great sportsman spirit and he can pick up any sport and excel at it. Even when we played tennis or volleyball he just excelled at it. While Katrina bowls very well.

Who is the sore loser?
Katrina doesn’t like to lose. She wants to bat for one or two hours and she will not give the bat to anyone until she is tired. Then she hands over the bat. The good part is that since cricket was very new to her she picked it up very well. She wanted to play every day after pack-up. She would try hitting the ball and then we would just be chasing it.

Did your father want you to become a cricketer rather than enter the film industry?
I am sure he has, but now after PINK he has seen fortunes change for me. Cricketers’ longevity ends at 30-34 and that is when an actor’s life starts. Things are even changing for women as well.

Your father was not very confident about your career before PINK…
No, he was just concerned. Which every parent is and it was justified. There was a time when film industry was not taken as a very serious profession than what is now. You need to be groomed and you have schools who teach you like FTII and NSD. Today people have accepted the field of arts and dramatics. While it is a tough field, if you want to come here then you need to give your heart and soul.

Do you feel a certain kind of pressure to deliver after PINK?
I feel it after that I have certain expectation of my own now. That is why I am choosing roles that are more performance-oriented films. A film’s fate is not in my hand, but what I can do it play my character the best.

You are staring Inside Edge 2 soon…
Yes, we don’t have the final script yet. I think we will start shooting by April next year. My character, Arvind Vashishth, has become a name to recon with in the series. People have loved his graph and have liked the fact that he in spite of fighting so hard he went down which is how life is. I would like to take him forward in a more positive way. There may be more characters that will be added and will be bigger that the last.