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An ardent Bachchan Fan Manish Paul


Manish Paul will pay tribute to Amitabh Bachchan at an upcoming music awards function. A source close to the host says that he will also be sporting the ‘Billa number 78’ look from Bachchan’s 1983 film, coolie.

He will apparently enact scenes from the film as well. “Manish has already started preparing for the act. He is writing the script for it himself,” confirms the source. Manish added “I’ll host the awards show and will try to imitate Mr Bachchan’s way of walking and the way he stands. I will also recite some of his most famous dialogues. For now, I’ve only prepared the ‘Billa number 786’ part from Coolie.

I am still working on the rest of the script.” It has to be an unbelievable moment when such a dream of one comes true right infant of their eyes. We indeed are very happy for Manish Paul. Lets see how Mr. B reacts to his tribute.