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Amy Jackson to take Pizza-cooking lessons in Cannes Film Festival!


She has been missing in action on the big screen since ‘Singh is bling’ but actress Amy Jackson is making the most of it at this year’s Cannes film festival.  Besides making her presence felt at the coveted film festival, the 2.0 actress is learning how to prepare authentic pizzas in the city and has decided to take a day off from her schedule to do so.

A source says, “Pizza is Amy’s all-time favourite dish. When she visited the festival last year, she decided to return to learn how to prepare the Italian delicacy. She also plans to start a restaurant in London, UK. Therefore, she is taking keen interest in cooking and learning more about various cuisines”When asked about her new hobby, Amy says, “Cannes is probably the most beautiful city I’ve been to, and ironically I love the pizzas there. I will take a day off just to walk around, learn how to cook, and appreciate all the beauty”