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Amritsar based Students Federation files complaint against Kapil Sharma: Read to know why


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Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma who is all set to return to TV with his new show, ‘Family Time with Kapil Sharma’, landed into trouble for violating traffic rules during his late-night bike ride in Amritsar. As per the report of DNA, a complaint has been filed against the Kapil by Independent Students Federation for violating traffic rules.

DNA report states that Keshav Kohli, President of the federation, has alleged that Kapil was over speeding on a bike on his recent visit to Amritsar. Keshav has filed a complaint citing that being a role model and celebrity from the city he must set an example for the youth of Amritsar and follow the traffic rules.

Apparently, this issue was raised after Kapil Sharma posted a video on social media where he can be seen enjoying a bike ride in the cold and foggy night of Amritsar.

In a video, the actor can be heard talking about how he misses his hometown. He can also be seen without a helmet in the video and has been accused of that as well.

Let’s see what Kapil would say about this controversy.