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Amidst Secret Superstar promotions, Aamir Khan celebrated Reena Dutta’s birthday


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan celebrated Reena Dutta’s birthday after removing time from his hectic promotional schedule. Aamir Khan starrer Secret Superstar’s release is just a few days away and the superstar has been going all out to promote his movie.

The actor is on a whirlwind promotion tour of Secret Superstar. We have been seeing videos that went viral from Turkey where fans were going crazy. Aamir had spent three days in the country. However, yesterday Aamir took time off his hectic schedule to make Reena Dutta’s 50th birthday special.

He arrived in Mumbai early 6 am from Turkey and straight got into promotions from 7 am onward. Aamir Khan had lined up several things through the day to promote Secret Superstar.

During the day, he got a call from his children, Junaid and Ira, and they told him that they would like to celebrate Reena Dutta’s 50th birthday with a surprise party. Aamir Khan preponed all his Secret Superstar commitments, rescheduled few to be there.

A surprise party was planned in Reena’s residence in the evening. Aamir and Kiran attended along with all the family and friends. It’s an extremely special 50th birthday and all were present to make it more special. Reena Dutta has been actively involved and handling Paani Foundation. Aamir Khan loves his family the most. Like any other person, Aamir‘s life revolves around his family which includes his ex-wife Reena Dutta.