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America Ferrera still learning comedy


America Ferrera may be a part of comedy TV series “Superstore” but she says she does not consider herself as a comedic actress and it is watching her co-stars in the sitcom that helps her with the performance. The Justin Spitzer-created series is about a group of employees working at a big-box store. Besides Ferrera, the show also stars “Saturday Night Live” performer Ben Feldman, Canadian comic actress Lauren Ash and comedian Colton Dunn among others. “Comedy is really great. Our cast has many true blue comic actors. I don’t really consider myself as a comedic actor. I feel like the space is enriching for me, to work with all these actors who come from the world of comedy. I have learnt a lot about the realm of comedy by watching them,” Ferrera said.

The 33-year-old actress, who rose to fame after starring in “Ugly Betty” TV series, has been a part of dramas like “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and 2”, “The Dry Land” crime drama “End of Watch” and romantic comedy “Our Family Wedding”. “I personally don’t see myself as a comedic or dramatic actress. My background has always been pretty diverse in terms of tone and the type of things I have been involved in.”

The actress says she does not find it difficult to handle both her producing duties and acting as she is blessed to have a collaborative team, who enjoy the creative process. “It wasn’t challenging at all. Ours is a very integrated collaborative cast. We are always talking and collaborating. The direction is good, the characters are interesting. “It is a collaborative process. I enjoy it very much to be part of the creative process before shooting the episodes in front of the camera,” she says.