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All actors crave for commercial success, feels Anshuman Jha


Bollywood actor Anshuman Jha feels every artist wishes to gain commercial success and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Anshuman made his big screen debut in 2010 with Dibakar Banerjee’s critically acclaimed “Love Sex aur Dhoka”. He then followed it up with films like “X: Past is Present” and “Chauranga”. “All actors crave for commercial success, anyone telling you otherwise is lying. When you do films, you want admiration and appreciation. Deep down everyone wishes that here,” Anshuman said.

The actor says with commercial hits, an actor tries to balance critical acclaim too and says “at the end of the day, when you go back home you know what has been your level of performance. It boils down to that.” Anshuman is currently gearing up for the release of “Mona Darling”, touted as a horror-thriller film revolving around social media.

The trailer of the film drew obvious comparisons with two Hollywood movies, “Unfriended” and “Friend Request”, but Anshuman, who has also produced “Mona Darling”, denies it. “The script has been registered since 2011, so it puts to rest all the accusation, what people are saying that there is similarity between the two Hollywood projects. The social media thing is the only similarity but nothing else is common.”