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Alia’s soft spot!


Who’s the filmmaker for whom Alia Bhatt would drop everything and run? Surprisingly it’s her Two States director, Abhishek Verman. Alia has good reason to feel so, though. She credits Abhishek with seeing something in her that probably even she hadn’t seen in herself. She is grateful to him for signing her on for the film even though he had other options. The actress, who has received good reviews for her small but significant role in Kapoor & Sons, shares that the reason she would love to be cast by Verman again is not because she wants to do him a favour but because she feels a great deal of love and gratitude towards him.

She rates Two States as a beautiful experience, and points out that it also was her first Rs.100 crore film! She loves the fact that the film spoke a universal language of love and the conflicts that come with love. Clearly, apart from enormous talent, loyalty is another quality that Ms Bhatt brims over wicAnchor