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Alia might want to get taller


Alia Bhatt

Apparently the actor Alia Bhatt lost her chances to star in NEERJA because she is not tall enough to play an airhostess. Given her last release was not so Shaandar, it is obvious that she would have liked to be a part of something so grand and appreciated but apparently the actor didn’t stand a chance because one of the prerequisites was to have someone who suited the role of an airhostess, and for that being tall was certainly one of the criteria.

Apparently the producers almost didn’t mind the lack of it, and would have still gone ahead with Alia had Atul Kasbekar not intervened. Kasbekar might not be amongst Alia’s favourite people anymore for sure.

“There was a lot of to and fro before we decided and approached Sonam. But once we had settled on her there was no turning back, she was totally suited for it. The thing about Alia is that she is the first person who comes to your mind when you say a young pretty actress, but we had a lot of other things to consider,” claimed the spokesperson of the production house when asked about the whys and the hows.