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Alia babe, that’s uncool


Alia Bhatt_Karan Johar

Li’l Alia Bhatt needs a li’l course in right attitude. At a recent nominations party, she and Priyanka Chopra were the two stars who grabbed maximum attention. PC, knowing well the value of the media and fans, happily went about greeting them and posing for pics, but no so Alia… The pretty young thing was just too busy chatting with mentor Karan Johar to bother with the fans and their requests. There was one determined young fan who did manage to go up to Alia and request a selfie but our starry lass just went on blabbering with Karan, ignoring the girl completely – not once but three times. Alia baby, keeping Karan Johar happy is wise. Keeping your fans happy is wiser still.