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Ali Fazal, Judi Dench take Venice by storm


Indian actor Ali Fazal looked dapper as he stepped out in a tuxedo for the world premiere of his film “Victoria and Abdul” at the Venice International Film Festival here with legendary actress Judi Dench.He posed with a gleaming smile with Dench, and was excited to meet actors like George Clooney and Sam Rockwell at the gala on Sunday.

Ali is currently on a worldwide promotion tour for the movie, and ahead of the premiere, he was seen in a chequered coat for a photo call with Dench. According to a review by The Hollywood Reporter, “It helps that Fazal, with his heartthrob looks and expressive eyes, projects such sincerity.”

Director Stephen Frears quipped his film “Victoria and Abdul” was made keeping US President Donald Trump in mind. The 76-year-old filmmaker said it was no accident that he made the period comedy with an aim to demolish Muslim stereotypes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought to myself: ‘What film would Donald Trump most like to see?’ It’s quite irreverent,” Frears joked at the movie’s gala premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

The director also pointed out that the fact the current monarch Queen Elizabeth II cannot speak Urdu is a sign that “things are getting worse”. The film narrates an unusual relationship the then Queen Victoria (Judy Dench) shared with Abdul (Ali Fazal), an Indian clerk, who became her friend and teacher towards the end of her life.The film will release in India on October 6.–Agencies