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Akshay’s Ayurveda gyan!


Actor Akshay Kumar, who is fit as a fiddle at 49, has vouched for ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, and says people are not respecting the “God-given” treasure. Akshay, who shared an over five-minute video on Twitter on Wednesday night, spent 14 days in an ayurveda centre.

He captioned the video: “Before I sleep tonight, thought of indulging in some pillow talk… Sharing with you all something I swear by… Do give your time and thoughts.”

In the video, Akshay says: “Today I don’t want to share sadness, anger or problems with you. I want to share a big and a beautiful smile. Today I am feeling very light and healthy… Last few days I was away from the city and spent some time in an ayurvedic ashram, it felt heavenly. No TV, phone, junk food or branded clothes. Just simple clothing. White kurta pyjama and simple nutritious food and lots of ayurvedic treasure.”

The “Rustom” star said that not many know that he has been following ayurveda since the past 25 years. “This time (the) ayurveda healing I have experienced that is just great… That’s where I got to know that in the form of ayurveda, God has given our country a big treasure and we are not respecting it… We are looking for good health by going to an international spa and getting fancy massages.”