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Akbar Rakt Se Takt Tak Begum Rishina Kandhari’s dumbell nostalgia!


Rishina Kandhari who is currently seen as begum in Akbar Rakt Se Takt Tak is a fitness freak. Right now she is not into gymming but there was a time she was dumbell freak and used to work out even in a saree on the set. Here is a proof with the picture. She used to be into gymming. Gymnastics, jogging and swimming too. She used to carry dumbbell on the sets.

On being asked isn’t it difficult to do a dumbbell in a Saree she says, “- It’s not difficult doing dumbbells in a sari when Rani Laxmi bai can fight a battle in a sari can’t I do dumbbells. It is actually actor Manav Gohil who was my co-star in previous show Aank Micholi from whom I got the idea of taking dumbells on the set as there we used to work out together on the set.

Another friend who is gym obsessed is my Uttaran co-star Mrunal Jain” On being asked how you manage your home, cook food too in an industry where actresses don’t enter into the kitchen. My mom taught me that family comes first and other things are secondary! I cook, I work, I workout and I even flaunt my body when required I believe in a balanced life. Time management is the most important part of my life. I manage everything because I am today’s multi tasking woman who leads a very systematic life. I am not gonig to gym anymore and focusing on alternate form of fitness”. She signs off.