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Ajay won’t work with Pakistan stars


Not being diplomatic and voicing their honest opinion is something that Bollywood actors have refrained from since the Shah Rukh Khan’s intolerance controversy. Often scared to face flak from the people, actors prefer saying things that are diplomatic and statements that won’t erupt a controversy.

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To talks about Pakistani actors, Ajay Devgn has become the first A-list star to openly confess that he won’t be working with this. During an interview and not being diplomatic for any reason, the actor honestly gave his explanation as to why he wouldn’t work with Pakistani stars.

“We all want peace, lekin taali ek haath se nehi bajti (you can’t clap with one hand). I heard some people saying talks are the only way to continue but talks have been going on. You keep talking to people and they come and kill you then you still continue your dialogue. I want to see you getting into a fight with somebody and after he gives you a tight slap on your face and you say okay let’s have a talk right now. What will your reaction be instantly?” the actor explained.

Rarely the one to talk in media about social issues, Ajay Devgn, when asked about working with Pakistani actors, said “Not at the moment.” He further added, “Country comes before money if the country breaks into mess what will we do with the money.”

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