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Aditi Rao Hydari: Dance like a woman


Aditi Rao Hydari’s enthralling dance video showcasing her freedom and spirit hit the right note on International Women’s Day. If Aditi could offer only one tip to other women, ‘Celebrate Yourself’ would be it. From her choice of films to the video, Aditi reassures that she will always stand out; she is not part of the bandwagon.

The talented actress reveals her heartfelt feelings on life – her philosophies and its purpose in the video which is part of the celebrated UnBlushed Series by Culture Machine. Choreographed by ‪Shampa Sonthalia and Bertwin D’souza, the video has Aditi perform a powerful contemporary dance for the very first time.

An interesting experiment with audio and visual juxtaposition, Aditi begins her monologue in the interview, which opens a window into her world, her philosophy of life, the 5-year-old inside her, and the woman she is today, all this while we see surrealistically beautiful images of Aditi dancing by herself and for herself.  She continues by saying how we forget to live in and for the moment and ends the video with a strong statement that hits hard: “…Because I, like every woman, am my biggest celebration.”

Talking about the video, Aditi said, “We tend to dwell over our regrets, mistakes, heart breaks and somewhere we forget to savour our present and the excitement of what lies ahead of us. We tend to play our bygone life, over and over in our heads, like a movie on loop, don’t we? I don’t ever want to be a victim, because I am my greatest strength and if at all there needs to be a message that goes out there, it should be to, ‘Celebrate yourself!’ I do it through dance… Find your celebration!” Inspiring and how!