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Actor, presenter Rannvijay Singha expresses views on Poker


New Delhi: Many a times Bollywood actors are seen playing poker at parties and sitting at poker tables. Youth icon and actor Rannvijay Singha believes it’s about time we start treating poker as a sport.

These celebrities play poker not only for fun, but also because they are well versed with it. Rannvijay is not only a master of adventure sports and thrills, but is also a skilled Poker savant.

As a youth icon, he has always taken a step ahead to inspire the youth of the nation and introduced them to new activities. Similarly, he has expressed his views on Poker, and believes that it’s not just a game of luck or is played only for money.

He said, “It is not a game based on luck, it’s not gambling, not even like Teen Patti, it is like Rummy, a skill based game. Once you start playing, it boils down to how skilled you are as a player. Poker has to do a lot with a person’s body language and mannerism; you don’t play with cards but with other players. That’s what I think is very interesting about Poker.”

In his recent association with the brand, which is India’s poker gaming portal, Rannvijay has been announced as the first brand ambassador of

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Rannvijay expressed that he started working at a very young age and never really learnt poker, but once he started playing the game, he understood it well and became a pro at it.

Giving a message to his young followers Rannvijay said, “Poker is a mind sport, one can be physically active, but mental stimulation can be achieved by playing skill-based sports like Poker. You cannot just start playing in the Olympics in a day; it needs a lot of practice and coaching. The same applies to Poker, you need training and coaching. If you are passionate about it, you get better. This applies for all sports, since practice is the key to perfection. Don’t play just for the sake of playing. Treat Poker like a sport and that is what I want young people to understand. Play only if you are good at it.”

The actor is also coming up with his new venture ‘Northern Lights’, a production banner in collaboration with his younger brother Harman.

When asked about balancing his personal and professional life and playing so many roles at a time Rannvijay said, “I have work and a family to look after, but you have to balance it out, and make time for everything. Apart from Roadies, I am also a producer. I have produced my own movies and videos. As a person I am very creative, and I keep coming up with new concepts. I have no leisure time, but being busy is also fun and exciting. I believe you have to make sense for everything you do.”