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Actor Mohit Marwah talks about clashing with his cousin Arjun Kapoor at the box office


Actor Mohit Marwah talks to Nikita Wadhawan about doing things his own way, clashing with cousin Arjun Kapoor and more…

He may not have the royal surname but actor Mohit Marwah is a quintessential Kapoor lad. From his unusual debut to his new film Raag Desh, Mohit is carving his own path and is enjoying every minute of it. “Once you are in the profession, then you are setting your own path and that is the fun of it. You start to do a project and then you see the results and then you decide how to go ahead. Reaching the destination is one thing, but the journey is the most exciting part. I am enjoying every moment and hopefully keep doing good work,” says Mohit. The Fugly actor also talked clashing with his cousin Arjun Kapoor at the box office. Excerpts from the interview:

What is going on in your mind with your new film Raag Desh?

I am very excited. The last couple of days has been very overwhelming because people are really like the trailers. The trailer has made a lot of noise in the right way. It has prompted a lot of discussions. Even on my Facebook page, I see that people have dug out different facts about INA, that even I was not aware of. It is a great start and the next few weeks would be really exciting till the film releases.

Your director Tigmanshu Dulia said that he would rather work with actors rather than stars…

It is really hearting to hear that. If he didn’t have that mind-set I would not have got this film, I am still new in this industry and still trying to make my place in it. It is only because of this attitude that I could be a part of a project with a director of such calibre. He should make films with stars and also make films with actors who eventually can be made into stars.

How beneficial has it been working with a director like Tigmanshu who is also an actor?

He really pampers his actors on set. He always says that acting is a very difficult job, as it takes a lot of patience to be an actor. You are on set for 48hrs and not just shooting for 8hrs. Also, since he himself is an actor he knows what comes with it and makes his actor really comfortable on sets.

Apart from that how was it working with Tigmanshu?

Working with him has been a very big confidence building exercise for me. I am a more confident actor and person today. His biggest quality is that he makes you believe in yourself. If you have the talent, then he will make you reach your potential.

How was it working with your co-stars? How was the brother hood on the sets?

It was great and you can see that in the posters as well. We all got along really well. I knew them before the film as acquaintances. But yes, they are my seniors and have done a lot more work than I have, but every day that we spent together we got along well. Eventually by the end of it felt like a happy family.

Any memorable experience during the shoot?

We shot in Dehradun and when I reached there Amit and Kunal were already shooting. So when I met them there they told me stories of how they injured their hand or other anecdotes during the action sequences. On your first day, you want to be in the zone but on my first day, I was flooded with all these instances. Eventually, things were just so easy, I didn’t realize how we finished the shoot.

Are you worried that the clash of three films at the box office can affect the business of the film?

They all are very different films. Mubarakan is a different genre. Where as Indu Sarkar has a very different time frame, even the treatment of the film is very different. Our film is set in the 30’s and the 40’s. Our story is a fight for India’s independence so both these films have a very different audience. So I don’t think anyone will be affected.

But with Raag Desh and Mubarakan, it’s going to be a clash of the Kapoor brothers on the screen?

(Laughs) I like the sound of it. When we found out that our film was clashing we were shocked. But we were fine with it, at the end of the day we both are actors and we were quite sure a lot of thought has gone into it.

Who do you look up to in your family?

I have my soft spot for everybody in my family. I have a different relationship with everybody and we all are very close. But out of all of them, the most experienced actor is my mama Anil Kapoor. He is an inspiration not just for be but everyone from my generation. His enthusiasm and energy even today whether he is on set or off set, it is pretty amazing.

When you were starting out, did you ever go to any of your family members for advice?

My father had a film studio in Noida and I used to see a lot of shoots happening there. I remember as a child seeing ‘Dil Se’ being shot there. It was just that I was surrounded by movies, so everything was just ingrained in me.

How do you see your journey?

I always try to do a different character for different films. As an actor that is what makes me satisfied. My first film to my short film, to my feature film, to my ads everything is very different from each other. So, for my next film I want to do something very different, and have the shock value in it. That is why I like my work to speak for me.

Ever taken fashion advice from Sonam or Rhea?

Rhea and I used to live together in New York when we were studying there. So, we had a lot of talk about fashion.  So subconsciously I have imbibed fashion from here.

Is there anyone from your family you would really like to collaborate with?

If I ever get a chance I want it to happen organically. I would love it if the whole family can come together, whether as a producer or a director or an actor. But if I had to choose one name I would choose Arjun (Kapoor), as I feel it would be fun to work with him.