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Actor Jeetu Verma attacked in Rajasthan; eye damaged, may never be able to see again


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Jeetu Verma was attacked while travelling from Jaipur to Mount Abu on Friday. He got injured in the eye, his older brother, Manohar told Mumbai Mirror that he was travelling to Jaipur for a function. He said, “There is a 40-km patch of forest area near Chittorgarh, which is en route. It was broad daylight and Jeetu was sitting next to the driver in the front seat. Suddenly, some locals started pelting their car. The driver picked up speed but the stones kept coming. One hit the windshield and it cracked. Jeetu’s eye was hit and bleeding profusely even as the driver raced away.”

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The injured Jeetu was rushed from Jaipur, and, was brought to Mumbai. Now he has been admitted to Wadala hospital. He has been operated upon by the eye surgeon, Dr S Natrajan, who said that Jeetu suffered a fractured eyebrow, and, had lost retinal function. It is doubtful if his right eye will regain its sight or not.

Meanwhile, the police assessed the vehicle and also recovered the stones that had cracked the glass and fallen into the car. But there needs to be more security. When such occurrences are happening in the region on a daily basis, it is important that stringent measures be taken immediately. This is the second incident was happened in Rajashthan. Some days before, the attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati also happened at same place. As we seen that the Rajasthan security and laws system are lacking behind.

He has worked on Rangoon and Raabta in recent past. Also worked with bobby Deol and Preity Zinta in Soldier in 90s.

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