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Actor Amal Sehrawat recalls his struggling days


It is said that making a name in showbiz involves a lot of struggle and Amal Sehrawat’s story is no different. The actor says his journey has been full of ups and downs and he has learnt a lot along the way. “The biggest struggle I faced was that I didn’t know anyone from industry and had no clue where to go, how to approach for roles. Initially, I was made fool couple of times where the organisers charged me to walk on the ramp instead of paying me. I also paid fees to give auditions. When I started getting to know the industry, another struggle came, to cop up with the working style of the industry. Being from a background where I have always seen my father go to his office in the morning, six days a week and mother go to take her lectures in college, six days a week. They both come back in evening and have a fixed routine. Whereas, in our industry, there are no fixed timings, no fixed days, no fixed durations, no job guarantee, and is more casual than other jobs. So, this switch in lifestyle took me some time to adjust,” he says.

Amal says that one of the acting workshops that he attended really helped him polish his craft. “My acting workshop with Atul Mongia sir completely changed me as an actor and human being. His combination of acting course and self-development programme transformed me into very calm and patient person, that reflects in my acting too. I don’t act anymore to prove myself or to reach on top of the competition ladder, I just do my duty to serve the art and do an honest portrayal of any character chosen by me,” he says.

Amal is on the lookout for interesting work. “I want to take up all roles that challenge me, so that once I portray it, there are a lot of surprises for the audience. These days I am really keen to do a role of a lower-middle-class common man, his dreams, his journey, his happiness, his success, his failures and his approach towards dealing with them. This will challenge me and give an opportunity to explore more,” he says.

The actor is currently shooting for RGV’s controversial web series ‘Guns and Thighs’ and has been part of the shows like Yeh a Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, movies Satya 2 and Sarkar 3.