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Aashish Chaudhary will do daily soaps only if it helps his career


Aashish Chaudhary says he would not mind doing daily soaps if they help him reach a position where he is able to make choices as an artiste. Aashish, who has also acted in Hindi films, says he eventually wants to do shows that make his family proud.

“I am not a top actor on TV. If it takes me to do a daily soap — ‘Naagin’ or ‘Saas-Bahu’, to be at good ranking, and to boost my career and get better offers then why not. I have to be in a good position to get good roles,” he said.

The actor says ‘saas-bahu’ shows are a staple on the small screen as they are accepted by the audience and one cannot blame the industry for churning out such programmes. Ashish adds the sensibilities of the audience will only change with time.

“There is nothing wrong in delivering what people want to see. My parents are trying to understand Netflix (a video-streaming service). The audience wants slow running shows so that they can do some other household chores in between. This is nothing but lethargic viewing. Sensibilities will change. The day everyone would be online, the whole choice of shows will change. Unless you do not make something that can be seen on TV and online, television will not survive.”

Teh actor told the makers of “Dev” that if the show does not do well, he will go back to doing the ‘saas-bahu’ sagas. “I will do proper saas-bahu shows in which my wife is either a snake or eunuch, I don’t mind doing it because the audience are accepting them. But at the same time, I have the guts to try out something different. My attempt is to do something that others have not done. I can’t replicate someone’s success – be it of a show or of an actor,” he says.