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Aashim Gulati shares his Tum Bin 2 movie experience’s


Aashim Gulati who debuts with Tum Bin 2, speaks to Shubarna Mukerji Shu about his experience

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Being your first film… Which was your one moment of anxiety?

I think I am fortunate enough to say this that despite this being my first film, the anxiety came after shooting for the film was over. I would say it was during the promotions and that also closer to the release because till now it hadn’t sunk in that I have done a film of this calibre. Coz the journey has been very smooth as our director main man Anubhav Sinha made us prepare so well for what we were set to accomplish.

How much do you dig romances?

I think there are phases and circumstances in my life that I feel that I’d like to be romantic and watch romantic films and be in that space. There are also days where I just wanna sit back and enjoy some action and comedy. So it’s all about the timing and the mood. But I’d like to admit that I am a hopelessly romantic guy at heart.

Have you seen the first part and what was the USP according to you?

Yes, I have seen the first part as a kid and I loved the music. The film was way ahead of its time and Mr. Sinha had put his heart into it, which is clearly visible with the thought process when you watch the first part. I feel the biggest USP of that film was the idea of romance and how Anubhav Sinha had beautifully captured it intertwined with the soulful music and background score.

What were your experiences and trials during this film?

I grew a lot as an individual and a human being during the shoot of the film. When you shoot with a crew for 100 days and are together all the time they become like a family and you learn a lot from each other. I understood cinema making while shooting. I kept an eye and mind on what was happening around me. I tried to learn the technical aspects of acting while doing my job as I feel it always helps one in a better understanding and to be on the same page as your technical team. I started performing at a really young age and I am from a theatre background. I always wanted to be a part of something, which was much larger than myself, and I totally milked this opportunity to learn and leave behind something for the people to see when I am gone.

Who have been your inspirations?

There are many who have inspired me, to name a few there’s Leonardo Dicaprio, Matthew Mcconaughey, Al Pacino, Daniel Day Lewis and of course, our very own Shah rukh Khan.

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What are your aspirations?

I aspire to be a good human being first and foremost or I’ll say to be the best version of myself. And because of this huge platform I’ve got I would like to make a difference with my work and try to inspire the gen next in whatever way I can in the best of my abilities.